Thursday, December 10, 2009

Pardner says....

We're almost complete with the battle system! * U * Codings are pretty much done, only need to add in the support system and well...the sprites! I figured that I should help out (and dude it's so cool when she does them. ; D ; Ahhhnn <3) so I got some tips...If I don't utterly fail them, you might see my first spriting attempt ever!

Well it'll be gray and black. I was told to start small but ffffff. Impatience. I want to get good and helpful now.

Other than that she does have a little test file she's been sending me once in a while. The maps are being done by her right now...annnd I didn't get to see the changes to the menu she's made yet. So once I get something other than my own art to post, it'll be here. ' u '

Oh and hello followers. ; D ; I never thought I'd get any...*waves vigorously*

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