Thursday, December 10, 2009

Pardner says....

We're almost complete with the battle system! * U * Codings are pretty much done, only need to add in the support system and well...the sprites! I figured that I should help out (and dude it's so cool when she does them. ; D ; Ahhhnn <3) so I got some tips...If I don't utterly fail them, you might see my first spriting attempt ever!

Well it'll be gray and black. I was told to start small but ffffff. Impatience. I want to get good and helpful now.

Other than that she does have a little test file she's been sending me once in a while. The maps are being done by her right now...annnd I didn't get to see the changes to the menu she's made yet. So once I get something other than my own art to post, it'll be here. ' u '

Oh and hello followers. ; D ; I never thought I'd get any...*waves vigorously*

Wednesday, December 9, 2009

I lied.

Yosuke is done! Next is..Chie? Idk...I kind of want to do either Dojima or Kanji but somewhat think I should leave that to the end so I'll work harder to finish the others.

But with this, there maybe be a chance of a menu update/mockup in the near future...hmm.

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

FNT style

So, I've spent the good part of the day two days ago ripping the sound off of the p4 cd. The process went something like this: Open the image files using Magic ISO > Search through the numerous folders and search for files like .adx or .afs > Extract them all > if afs, extract adx file(s) from them (sometimes you get one and sometimes you get up to 50 > drag and drop no more than 20 adx files onto the converter > you get wav files! 8DD YEY! And each afs file = one event with spoken dialogue and each of the lines are cut up into little clips. There are tons of them!! I haven't finished extracting all of the afs either. XDD But ahhh all in due time.

Well, after I got the sound files pretty much figured out, I started to scrounge for other files I can take and remembered the font files. So I extracted that...but what I did not expect was the hours of fail following that. I search up every .fnt editor there is and try to convert it into something I could use. NOT A CHANCE. Then I had it off to pardner (aka partner) to try and figure out and she couldn't make sense of it for an hour or so either. She kept getting errors saying it was a .ttf so I searched up .ttf editors and haha of course. Those programs ultimately rejected the font files too...I'm not sure what's more annoying...that it took hours for us to give up or the fact that I HAVE THE DAMN FONT FILE BUT I CANT USE IT!!! :BBBBB

I will have to pray to the internet that some freakish miracle will make the file usable. Haha. I want my font. :T

Well, can't have a post without something of progress!:

Yosuke at 3:10 am +9 GMT 12/09/09

And nope. I'm not going to post the finished works here. :D

Sunday, December 6, 2009

Not finished! but Almost there. That pattern on his collar...D:<

Main Menu designs.

The two different menu designs I
did for the persona 4 FES project. The top was actually the second design where I allowed myself to be a little more artistic and the bottom was mainly with the coding and simplicity in mind. ' u ' )v

Saturday, December 5, 2009

The site is in korean

I will find out how to change it. THIS IS A REMINDER TO CHANGE IT.